EKKA Karate Association

When Chris Batte returned to America Mick and Billy formed the EKKA Karate Association and based the Karate style on the original teachings of Lee Won Kuk and Choi Hong Hi and reflecting their study of Chun Do Kwan and that of Gichin Funakoshi’s Shotokan Karate hence the inclusion of both Korean and Japanese terminology and the practice of both Korean Hyung’s and Shotokan Kata.

Since its inception, Mick Blackwell, Billy Brennan and the other senior EKKA instructors have developed Karate in the East of England from its beginning in the early 1970’s to become a top competitive Martial Arts group. With thousands of members and champions at all levels the EKKA Karate Association is now recognised as one of the most successful and highly regarded Karate organisations in the country.

And finally, the ‘blue suit’ as worn by EKKA Instructors and students reflects the link to Lee Won Kuk’s Chung Do Kwan (gymnasium of the blue wave) and Choi Hong Hi pen name “Chang Hon” which means, “blue cottage”.

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