Mick Blackwell

Mick Blackwell began training in Sudbury, Suffolk, England under Tatsuo Suzuki and James Self as well as a number of other notable Japanese Instructors. Mick gained his first Dan in Wado Ryu Karate before changing to Korean Karate (Chun Do Kwan) under Chris Batte. Mick became his first Black Belt following a gruelling Black Belt grading assessment by Fred Wren and Jim Harrison.

Mick Blackwell now holds the rank karate Grandmaster 8th Dan and a Kick boxing 6th Dan. As President and chief instructor to the EKKA Mick has helped produce many international competitors international medal winners at all levels.

Mick has been a professional Martial Arts instructor for over thirty years and is the principle owner of the Blackwell Academy in Ipswich, Suffolk, England which is considered one of the best martial arts academies in the country, specialising in karate, kickboxing and Ju jitsu.

Mick’s philosophy is simple. Every student is deserving of personal attention in a safe and secure environment. Mick wants his students to become "complete" through their study of Martial Arts not only to become physically fit, but also to develop mentally, gain inner strength and confidence, helping provide that much-needed 'edge' in life.

In 1969 Mick, who was a 2nd kyu Brown Belt at the time introduced Billy Brennan to Wado Ryu Karate but on reaching 4th Kyu Billy like Mick, also changed Karate styles to Chung Do Kwan under Chris Batte.