Andy Cornish 2nd Dan

Andy has his own class at Tattingstone on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8.30pm at the village hall 

and assists at Jans classes on Sunday evenings (5.00-7.00 - village hall) & ju-jitsu class (7.00-8.30 - village hall).


Questions and Answers

When did you get your black belt?

I gained my black belt at the Easter grading in 2004. I am also a 4th dan in Ju-jitsu.

Who was your first instructor?

Billy Brennan and he still is

Why did you start training?

I started training after taking my son to classes and watching him train and thinking why sit here doing nothing for an hour when I could be doing that.

Who inspires you?

Many people that have overcome personal problems and still keep going

What drives you to keep training?

I like to learn and try to improve on anything i do and with karate there is just so much to learn.

What other sports do you do/have you done?

I played rugby from the age of 9 when it was introduced into schools in the south east of England and continued to play off and on until i was 35 and captain of ipswich ym rufc 2nd team i also do ju-jitsu and am a 4th Dan which complements my karate.

Who do you know that is still training from when you started?

Because I started quite late many people I started with are still training

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start karate now?

Look at it not only as a sport or self defence but also as a journey of self development.

What age did you start karate?

About 35

What are your future goals & hopes?

To keep learning personally and to produce able students

How often do you train?

I try to do something every day but I either teach or train 5 days a week

What challenges have you overcome?

The main one being training my body to accept a different sport

What is your favourite kick?

I quite like side kick as i can do that quite well

What is your favourite kata?

Chung mu as i find it a challenge to do well

What is your favourite fighting move or technique?

Back fist is a favourite

What is your top tip for others?

Whatever you do enjoy it and give 100 per cent

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Train hard fight/grade easy c/o Billy Brennan