Gary Last - 1st Dan

Questions and Answers

How long have you had your blackbelt?

Since 28 March 2010

Who was your first instructor?

Stuart Kitchener

Why did you start training?

I had wanted to do karate for years and at 26 I thought I had better get on with it!

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is dedicated and gives 100 percent no matter what their abilities are.

What drives you to keep training?

Self improvement

What other sports do you do/have you done?

Rugby and table tennis

Who do you know that is still training from when you started?

Janice Brown, Nina Hall and Stuart Kitchener

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start karate now?

Do it, don't put it off any longer!

What age did you start karate?


What are your future goals & hopes?

To train for as long as I can.

How often do you train?

Two or three times a week.

What challenges have you overcome?

My lack of self confidence and perception of what I can do.

What is your favourite kick?

Roundhouse kick.

What is your favourite kata?

Chil Jang at the moment

What is your favourite fighting move or technique?

Anything that works!

What is your top tip for others?

Train hard, grade easy

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Train hard grade easy! - thanks Billy