EKKA Nationals

posted 18 May 2019, 11:01 by Stefanie Barnes

Sunday 11th May
Autumn and Jack from Arena Hadleigh both competed at the EKKA National championship.
Autumn came 2nd in Kumite 
Jack 2nd in Slam man
Well done!! 

Dan grading

posted 17 May 2019, 23:32 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 18 May 2019, 11:06 ]

We have three new ARENA Black belts! 
On Sunday 11th May Chris Hodgkinson, Jamie Hodgkinson from ARENA Hadleigh and Caitlin Telling from ARENA Tattingstone put years of work in to practise and took their grading. We are pleased to say they passed and look forward to them continuing their karate journey.
Chris & Jamie take their new belts up to Scotland to compete on Sunday 19th. 

KDF open in Barking

posted 4 Apr 2019, 01:22 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 4 Apr 2019, 09:40 by Nina H ]

Arena Hadleigh took a small group to this completion on 17th March
4 competitors..... 6 sections....... 5th on the medal table!!!

6-7yrs 7th kyu and below
Jack 2nd
16-17 cadet open
Jamie 1st
Kyu grade open
Jamie 1st - Chris 2nd
40+ open
Lee 1st - Chris 2nd

Couldn’t ask for much better!!! Massive well done lads! 

Fight Club 5

posted 10 Mar 2019, 09:04 by Stefanie Barnes

Our 5th fight club was ran in Hadleigh on Thursday 7th and Stuart Kitchener came down to teach for us. 
Stuart used to run the club in Hadleigh approx 6.5yrs ago and has many years of teaching, training and competing experience that we were lucky enough to get a taster of.
Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture, but be assured that it was a hot, sweaty class with new and interesting drills!
Many thanks Stuart!

Fight Club 4

posted 9 Feb 2019, 10:27 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 13 Feb 2019, 05:15 by Nina H ]

Thanks to Jamie this month for taking Fight Club!

Jamie trains long and hard and his continued effort has really paid off mainly in the last year. Not many weekends go past when he isn’t competing (and placing) in competitions or attending (and selecting) at squad training or doing various courses.

This made Jamie an ideal candidate to come along and teach some of the new techniques we are seeing on the mat and show what passion and enthusiasm he has to teach and train.

The feedback from this class has been super. 

Kyu Grade Championships in Leicester

posted 22 Jan 2019, 10:00 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 25 Jan 2019, 01:47 by Nina H ]

January 13th ARENA had 2 students competing in the EKKA team at the Kyu Grade Championships. 

Chris & Jamie Hodgkinson put In many many hours of long hard training and were both selected to compete. This alone is a massive accomplishment and we are very proud of them both.
Jamie unfortunately did not place this time, but Chris fought his way through some very determined fighters to come out with a  1st place! Well  done Chris!

The EKKA as a whole also came through exceptionally well! Over a 1000 competitors entered and EKKA were top of the shop on the medals table


posted 14 Jan 2019, 08:41 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 13 Feb 2019, 05:14 by Nina H ]

Fight club number 3 welcomed Master Billy Brennan to Hadleigh.

Billy has a wealth of experience which if you don’t know about already (!!??) you can read about him on this page.

The class was enjoyed by all. The ages went from 6 through to 55 and we all agreed there was something to be taken away to work on. 

Who’s in for FIGHT CLUB 4?

Contact any of the Arena instructors


posted 6 Jan 2019, 02:00 by Stefanie Barnes

Welcome back ARENA Karate!
We are all looking forward to seeing you in class and progressing through 2019!

The calendar will be updated in the next 24hrs so fill up your diaries!!

Fight Club 2

posted 7 Dec 2018, 04:37 by Stefanie Barnes

Hadleigh would like to thank 5th Dan Sean Hollobone for coming down to Fight Club on Thursday and sharing his experience with us.
Sean brought new drills and lots of kicks for students to work on and continuing building their fight.... 
Sean has taught and fought for many years, he runs his own clubs in Ipswich. You would see him on the black belt panel when you take the black belt step and he is also on the front line at summer camp.

East Anglian Championships

posted 18 Nov 2018, 12:02 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 19 Nov 2018, 13:13 by Nina H ]

Massively proud of you all once again! Some fantastic results..... including Finnans first 1st place.... Joshua’s first competition and Jack's first time in placing in individual kata.


7 and under
Jack 2nd place

Under 10
Finnan 1st
Autumn 3rd

0-7th kyu
Jack 3rd


Girls under 4’2 0-7th kyu
Autumn 1st 

5’2” - 5’8”
0-7th kyu
Joshua 2nd

Male cadet 
3rd-1st kyu
Jamie 1st

Senior male Dan grade
Lee 3rd

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