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Fight club number 3 welcomed Master Billy Brennan to Hadleigh. 
Billy has a wealth of experience which if you don’t know about already (!!??) you can read about him on this page.
The class was enjoyed by all. The ages went from 6 through to 55 and we all agreed there was something to be taken away to work on. 
Who’s in for FIGHT CLUB 4? 
Contact any of the Arena instructors


posted 6 Jan 2019, 02:00 by Stefanie Barnes

Welcome back ARENA Karate!
We are all looking forward to seeing you in class and progressing through 2019!

The calendar will be updated in the next 24hrs so fill up your diaries!!

Fight Club 2

posted 7 Dec 2018, 04:37 by Stefanie Barnes

Hadleigh would like to thank 5th Dan Sean Hollobone for coming down to Fight Club on Thursday and sharing his experience with us.
Sean brought new drills and lots of kicks for students to work on and continuing building their fight.... 
Sean has taught and fought for many years, he runs his own clubs in Ipswich. You would see him on the black belt panel when you take the black belt step and he is also on the front line at summer camp.

East Anglian Championships

posted 18 Nov 2018, 12:02 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 19 Nov 2018, 13:13 by Nina H ]

Massively proud of you all once again! Some fantastic results..... including Finnans first 1st place.... Joshua’s first competition and Jack's first time in placing in individual kata.


7 and under
Jack 2nd place

Under 10
Finnan 1st
Autumn 3rd

0-7th kyu
Jack 3rd


Girls under 4’2 0-7th kyu
Autumn 1st 

5’2” - 5’8”
0-7th kyu
Joshua 2nd

Male cadet 
3rd-1st kyu
Jamie 1st

Senior male Dan grade
Lee 3rd

6th Kent Open

posted 11 Nov 2018, 23:00 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 12 Nov 2018, 02:33 by Nina H ]

After a long but fab day, Hadleigh would like to congratulate Autumn, Riley, Finnan and Jonty who took their first steps in furthering their karate by traveling out further afield to the competition in Kent today to see something a bit different and seeing other opponents..... joining them were instructors Stefanie, Lee and Jamie.
Although not everyone placed today, it was great fun and lessons learnt again.... 
There were some awesome performances... 

Autumn 3rd in Kumite
Jamie 1st in 16-17yrs open
Lee 1st in 35-49yr open
Team male open 2nd place (Lee Jamie and our borrowed man Matt)

Plus Lee & Jamie have won twice this year in the same category and have won the champs belt which will be delivered once engraving is complete!!!! 

Look at these faces.... karate is the best 👊🏽


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Hadleigh held its first fight club on Thursday 1st November.
The 1st class was led by Lee Robinson 4th Dan who brought his many years of experience to FIGHT CLUB boosting titles such as English individual Champion for 3 years, English Team gold medalist, British Bronze medalist, European Bronze, Team member at the worlds and also fought in many competitions in Europe....
We were pleased with how well represented with lots of Hadleigh students and some students from other classes (everyone is welcome)
The next FIGHT CLUB will be Thursday 6th December

Summer Camp 2018

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If you missed it... you missed out!!
Last weekend was the annual summer camp for the EKKA! This brought a wealth of experience in instructors and many pupils hoping to gain as much knowledge as possible!
Arena Hadleigh and Stowmatket had students attend...
Jamie from Arena Karate Hadleigh was awarded kickboxer of the course and Lara from Stowmarket Arena was awarded green blue belt student of the course.
We would really like to encourage more students to be in attendance next year which will be on the first weekend in August! See you there!!!

EKKA Nationals in Ipswich

posted 14 Jun 2018, 03:28 by Stefanie Barnes

EKKA Nationals was on the 3rd June and Hadleigh Arena had more success! Jack, Autumn (competing in her first competion) and Jamie being up on the mats.
Jack brought home a 1st place in Slam man and a 3rd place in Kumite.
Autumn took 3rd in Slam man and 1st in Kumite.
Jamie went up section in to the black belts and came 3rd.

For those who do not know, this category is a great place for new starters or the more experienced. It involves 2 fighters showing various techniques against a  light free standing punch bag. 
The aim is to show your favourite and best moves WITHOUT knocking the bag over. You compete for 1 minute and the decision is made by flag

Competition success!

posted 25 May 2018, 04:18 by Nina H

Members of the Hadleigh club attended a competition in Margate at the weekend - showing off our new Arena Karate hoodies!

Report from instructor Stef Barnes

Jack did his 1st kata in competition and had a great attempt in a large section of 18 competitors! But he came back to do parent & child with, well me! We were up against 6 pairs and pulled off a pretty good 3rd place!

Jack then went on too fight in an event of 10 and again came 3rd! The kicks were flying which Jack scored with which is what we have been working on.... can't ask more than that!

Jamie came 1st in fighting... after a round robin which put him under pressure and gave more lessons with continuing improvements he's looking stronger and stronger

Chris & Lee both jumped in to fight the senior black belts at the last minute which ended with Chris learning not to stick his thumb out (again) and a trip to the medic before fighting off for 3rd place against Lee which went to Lee.

Lee then went on the win the veterans section and loosing no points against himself.

All 3 lads brought home 2nd place in team.
A successful day all round!

If you would like to purchase an Arena hoodie or Tshirt please speak to your instructor

EKF Kyu Grade Chamionships

posted 29 Jan 2018, 06:39 by Stefanie Barnes   [ updated 25 May 2018, 04:17 by Nina H ]

Chris & Jamie Hodgkinson both competed in EKF Kyu Grade Championships in Leicester on the 14th January. Chris & Jamie who both come from the Hadleigh club brought home a Bronze medal and we would like to say a huge congratulations!

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