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100% pass rate at Kyu Grading

posted 20 Jun 2010, 11:36 by Nina H   [ updated 21 Jun 2010, 14:17 by billy brennan ]
A very successful Arena Kyu grading took place today at Hadleigh Sports Center with a remarkable 100%  of students being awarded their next belt.  88 individuals turned out to be examined by the panel of Blackbelt instructors. 15 students were awarded distinctions for their outstanding performances in the grading with a further 17 recieving merits.
Congratulations to everyone that graded today and especially to those that achieved passes with merits and distinctions - keep up the good work!

Grading results


Beth Taylor – Brown belt /black strip
Mark Stringer – Brown belt
Tom Scott – Purple belt
Benjamin Pernot – Blue belt
Scott Cantwell – Green belt /blue stripe
Jay Nicol – Green belt /blue stripe
Graham Ward – Green belt / blue stripe
Charlie Myhill – Green belt /blue stripe
Oliver Smith – Green belt /blue stripe
Saffron Hicks – Orange belt /green stripe
Kyle Younkonman – Orange belt
James Walker – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Jack Sullivan – Yellow Belt
James Court – Yellow belt Sophie Young – Red belt


Emma Plumbly – Brown belt /black stripe
Matthew Stringer – Brown belt
Archie McWilliam – Blue Belt
Mark Pernot – Green belt /blue stripe
Doug Clark – Green belt
George Clark – Green belt /blue stripe
Fred Double – Green belt /blue stripe
Charlie Barnard – Orange belt
Summer Wilsher – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Tamsin Youngman - Yellow belt /orange stripe
Phillip Crutchlow - Yellow belt /orange stripe
Kasey Green - Yellow belt /orange stripe
Alice Lester - Yellow belt /orange stripe
Emma Page - Yellow belt /orange stripe
Alex Farruku – Yellow belt
Grace Linford - Wood – Yellow belt
Jade Cock – Red Belt


Charlotte Handley – Brown belt /black stripe

Thomas Blomfield – Brown belt /white stripe
William Handley – Brown belt
Harry Myhill – Blue belt
Oliver Jeeves – Green belt /blue stripe
Jordan Smith – Green belt /blue stripe
Tom Clark – Green belt /blue stripe
Ben Clark – Green belt /blue stripe
Gabi Summers – Green belt /blue stripe
Morgan Reddings – Green belt /blue stripe
Naomi Alleston - Green belt
Alexander Simpson – Green belt
James Young – Green belt
Harley Reddings – Orange belt /green stripe
Max Nicol – Orange belt
Archie Banham – Orange belt
Nadine Green – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Toby Pernot – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Liam McCarthy – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Zak Fryatt – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Maria Johnson – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Bradley Page – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Elliot Bloomfield – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Charlie Norman – Yellow belt /orange stripe
Travis Cant – Yellow belt
Chelsea Frost – Yellow belt
Matthew King– Yellow belt
Katie Dawson – Yellow belt
Max Dawson – Yellow belt
Ella Sullivan – Yellow belt
Tony Farruku – Yellow belt
Isabelle Hunt – Yellow belt
Ethan Goodwin – Yellow belt
Josh Goddard – Yellow belt
Chloe Carlton - Smith – Yellow Belt 
Nathan Butters – Yellow belt
Alex Hicks – Yellow belt
Lewis White – Red belt
Mary Farruku – Red belt
Harry Taylor – Red belt
Archie O’Brien – Red belt
Tomas Rekitnicki – Red belt
Jamie Laflin – Red belt
Alexander Seley – Red belt
Joseph Kidd – Red belt
Chloe Smith – Red belt
Lonny Robertson – Red belt
Harriet Field – Red belt
Thomas Simmonds – Red belt
Aaron Brendt – Red belt
Rosina Wager – Red belt
Ejiyah Ffrench – Red Belt
Lucy Kidd – Red Belt
Ben Laflin – Red belt
Joel Barnard – Red belt
Isobel Taylor – Jones – Red belt