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Competition success!

posted 25 May 2018, 04:18 by Nina H

Members of the Hadleigh club attended a competition in Margate at the weekend - showing off our new Arena Karate hoodies!

Report from instructor Stef Barnes

Jack did his 1st kata in competition and had a great attempt in a large section of 18 competitors! But he came back to do parent & child with, well me! We were up against 6 pairs and pulled off a pretty good 3rd place!

Jack then went on too fight in an event of 10 and again came 3rd! The kicks were flying which Jack scored with which is what we have been working on.... can't ask more than that!

Jamie came 1st in fighting... after a round robin which put him under pressure and gave more lessons with continuing improvements he's looking stronger and stronger

Chris & Lee both jumped in to fight the senior black belts at the last minute which ended with Chris learning not to stick his thumb out (again) and a trip to the medic before fighting off for 3rd place against Lee which went to Lee.

Lee then went on the win the veterans section and loosing no points against himself.

All 3 lads brought home 2nd place in team.
A successful day all round!

If you would like to purchase an Arena hoodie or Tshirt please speak to your instructor