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Karate offers many benefits to those who study this ancient martial art. Karate teaches self discipline, self control and awareness. Karate  promotes a healthy life style and respect for oneself and for others.

Karate is fantastic for improving fitness, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, karate is a great activity for both young and old. 

Known for its high standards and family friendly approach to teaching, the Arena has karate clubs across the East of England with classes taught by highly talented, qualified instructors all of whom hold the coveted Black Belt.  The Arena Academy is Karate - but don't just take our word for it!

 Read what some of our students and parents have to say:
  • "My daughters have gained a lot more confidence since starting karate. One year ago they were very shy and would not volunteer for anything, whereas now they have both just got leading roles in the school play"

  • "It has been great for my daughter to have a goal to achieve with each grading, she has been so happy after passing each one."

  • "My son has moderate learning difficulties and has a statement of special educational needs. Since joining his local karate club he has become more focused. His self-esteem has increased greatly as has his confidence. His social interaction has also improved."

Get a kick out of life and kick start your life 

Robert Turnbull - Student

I had trained with Billy for many years in Colchester and when I stopped, suffered middle aged spread and a mid life crisis; I then realised I needed to look after myself and do something more positive. 

I decided I wanted to pick up on Karate again and actively sought out Billy and Arena Karate but found there wasn’t a club in Colchester anymore. However, was really pleased to find him running his club in Suffolk. 

Having tried a number of clubs and styles in the time I was away from Arena, I quickly realised how privileged I had been to have trained with Billy and his team. 

It’s often the case you don’t know how good something is until you miss it. 

Whatever your motivation or need, be it fitness, fun or competition, Arena has it all as a genuine karate family built on world class quality and respect; delivered with kindness and humour to enable anyone to achieve their goals . 

I would not hesitate to recommend Billy to anyone at any stage of their karate career as a new starter on an amazing journey; as a youngster discovering discipline, respect and being part of something with values; or a late starter or returner. 

It’s never too late and you can get so much from it. 

Having got back into my Karate, I have also made remarkable progress from surgery and a major post operative low, that briefly interrupted my return to Billy’s Arena Karate Academy. I have gained a better level of fitness and increased my self-worth and personal motivation. 

As you can see I am a big fan and have actively sought Billy out, travelling from Colchester to Needham Market, twice a week, for the privilege of training with Billy and his amazing black belts. 

I can’t thank Billy and everyone I train with enough for making it such a good experience. So take that step now and get a kick out of life and kick start your life. 

Robert Turnbull Colchester 2010